How to use the centrifuge correctly

Have you read the instructions for using the centrifuge? Do you use the correct method? The use of centrifuges has largely liberated people’s labor productivity and accelerated production efficiency, so to speak, centrifuges have been able to take the lead in industry, but centrifuges should still be used in strict accordance with the use of the method of.

How to use the centrifuge correctly

Tabletop low-speed large-capacity centrifuge use clarification.

Tabletop low-speed large-capacity centrifuge Overview.

Table-top low-speed large-capacity centrifuge is suitable for sedimentation, mixture, etc.. This machine uses brushless motor, microcomputer control, with RCF automatic accounting and setting. With a variety of program maintenance, simple operation, maintenance-free benefits.

Tabletop low-speed large-capacity centrifuge primary technical instructions.

  1. Use of power: AC 220V ± 10v 50HZ
  2. Machine power: 500W
  3. Speed: 500 ~ 5000 rpm ± 50 rpm adjustable digital flash
  4. Centrifugal capacity: 8 × 50mL 28 × 10mL 4 × 100mL 2 × 400mL 4 × 250mL 36 × 10mL
  5. Relative centrifugal force: 4390xg digital flash
  6. Appearance standard: 420×460×320(mm)
  7. Timekeeping: 1 to 99 minutes digital flash
  8. Weight: 48kg
  9. Noise: ≤ 65db at maximum speed

Tabletop low-speed large-capacity centrifuge using methods.

First of all, the machine with the centrifuge tube to participate in the need to separate the materials, respectively, stabbed into the centrifugal head hole, the mass of each centrifuge tube added material necessary to the bottom equal, close the cover, turn on the power, turn on the power switch (behind the instrument).

  1. Press the selector key according to the flashing screen indication (flashing number), and then use the ▲▼ keys to select the desired rotor number (2).
  2. Press the selector key again to select the desired speed according to the flashing screen (flashing number), and then use the ▲▼ keys to select the desired speed.
  3. Press the selection key again to select the desired operating time according to the flashing number on the flashing screen, and then use the ▲▼ keys.
  4. Press the approval key, then press the start key, and the centrifuge will operate initially. When the set operating time is reached, the alarm will be automatically announced.
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