High-speed centrifuge motor heating causes

High-speed centrifuge because of the fast speed, it is easy to cause the motor to heat up, usually this time we need to pay attention to the operation of the centrifuge.

Because there are several causes of motor bearing heating, to meticulously analyze the situation in detail.

Now we introduce you to the possible causes of centrifuge motor heating related causes.

First, there may be due to overload or overload, there may be cooling fans and other existing problems, there may be mechanical friction due to the heat generated, but the main problem is whether the bearings can be genuine.
But the main problem is whether the bearings can be authentic, some users in order to low price and purchase low-cost bearings, thus generating bearing heat, hot, so that the bearing burned.

The main problem is whether the bearings are authentic, some users purchase low-cost bearings for the sake of low price, thus resulting in bearing heat, hot, so that the bearing burned and so on. Therefore, the first emphasis on the purchase of authentic bearings.

Second, to pay attention to adhere to the mechanical lubrication, the choice of high quality high temperature lithium grease, lithium grease is also a good poor bearing heat is another major cause.
In addition to your careful examination of the situation, assuming that mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise, mechanical parts will have obvious wear and tear you said the bearing has loosened.

That should be a bearing problem, the need to change the bearing. It is recommended to purchase authentic imported bearings.

Third, the centrifuge spindle concentricity can be accurate, under normal circumstances people do not pay much attention to concentricity, spindle concentricity tendency is easy to constitute a bearing heat.
This requires centrifuge motor production with strong technology and production capacity, some centrifuge manufacturers in order to save production costs, motor shaft and motor stator assembly themselves.

No synchronous assembly in the motor factory, due to the lack of technical guidance, easy to produce concentricity of the spindle tilt, and constitute the bearing heating.

High-speed centrifuge motor heating causes
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