Centrifuge is one of the equipment used in industry, can help people achieve higher efficiency, so only centrifuges can get better maintenance and maintenance, in order to play a higher efficiency, so the following is mainly for you to summarize some of the correct maintenance methods on the centrifuge, for reference only, details consulting.

  1. Before the operation of the centrifuge should first block the power supply and first release the centrifuge brake, you can try rolling the drum by hand to see if there is a braking situation.
  2. Check other parts for looseness and abnormal conditions.
  3. Turn on the power supply and start the machine against the clockwise direction (generally it takes about 40-60 seconds from the stop condition to normal operation).
  4. Generally, each piece of equipment must be empty after arriving at the factory for about 3 hours, no abnormal conditions can be operated.
  5. Material should be placed as evenly as possible.
  6. It is necessary to have a person to operate, and the capacity should not exceed the rated amount.
  7. Forbid the machine to work at excessive speed to avoid affecting the life of the machine.
  8. After the machine is started, if there is an abnormal condition, it is necessary to park and check, and if necessary, it should be dismantled and repaired.
  9. The operation of the centrifuge is high-speed operation, so do not use your body to touch the drum to prevent accidents.
  10. The mesh of the filter cloth should be based on the size of the solid particles of the material to be separated, otherwise it will affect the effect of separation.
  11. Other filter cloth equipment should be filter cloth seal ring embedded in the drum sealing groove to prevent the material from running into.
  12. To ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge, rolling parts please refuel and maintain after every 6 months.
  13. Check the smooth operation of the bearings, whether there is wear and tear; brake equipment in the parts of the wear condition, serious to replace; bearing cover oil leakage condition.
  14. Machine use is over, should make good cleaning work, adhere to the machine neat.
  15. Do not separate the non-anti-corrosive centrifuges from the highly corrosive materials; other strictly in accordance with the equipment requirements, rules of operation, non-explosion-proof centrifuges must not be used for flammable, explosive occasions.

Centrifuge maintenance is something that staff must be concerned about, only to get better maintenance methods, to be able to use longer than others, of course, good maintenance methods can not be separated from the better quality of centrifuges, choose high-quality centrifuges

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