Three foot centrifuge in the use of what should pay attention to

Three foot centrifuge in use in addition to know the correct method of operation, but also should pay attention to the centrifuge rotor, this is why? The main reason is that the centrifuges have different centrifugal force sizes and different rotor materials. However, the rotor material installed on the centrifuge is fixed and it is not possible to change the rotor because of the high and low centrifugal force requirements of the substance to be separated by the centrifuge. As a result, the rotor of the centrifuge may be damaged. This damage is accumulated over time and does not reflect immediately. Therefore, the centrifuge rotor must be observed primarily each time the centrifuge is used.

Three foot centrifuge in the use of what should pay attention to

Now that we know that three-foot centrifuges need to be used with attention to the rotor, what checks do we need to do during daily use to ensure that the rotor is in proper condition?

Centrifuges should not be used if the rotor and washers show signs of corrosion or other defects.

Only use centrifuges with rotors and accessories approved by the manufacturer. Use of inferior equipment is strictly forbidden; it may be dangerous if glass breaks or if the vessel explodes out of balance at high speeds.

Do not open the lid when the rotor is moving. Do not use any material that could damage the rotor of a three-foot centrifuge. For example, highly corrosive substances can damage the material of the rotor and its gasket and affect its mechanical strength.

Do not put your hand into the rotor cavity when the rotor is moving. Infectious, toxic, pathogenic and radioactive substances must be used in specific rotors and containers. If there is a risk of contamination by toxic, radioactive or pathogenic substances, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure their personal safety.

Centrifuges must not be used if the rotor is overloaded; centrifuges must not be used if the rotor load is asymmetrical.

The precautions related to the centrifugal rotor of the three-foot centrifuge have been explained in great detail, if you want to know more about it, you can get in touch with us, and our staff will solve your problems.

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