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High-speed centrifuge motor heating causes

High-speed centrifuge because of the fast speed, it is easy to cause the motor to heat up, usually this time we need to pay attention to the operation of the centrifuge. Because there are several causes of motor bearing heating, to meticulously analyze the situation in detail. Now we introduce you to the possible causes […]

Overview of benchtop frozen centrifuge

Development historyCentrifuges, also known as precipitators, range from separation centrifuges, which are used to quickly separate suspended substances from liquids, to preparative large centrifuges, which are used to concentrate and purify particles, to low-speed analytical centrifuges for experimental analysis, and despite the different types of centrifuges, their functions can be considered as separation, concentration, purification […]

Three-foot centrifuge in the use of what should pay attention to

Three foot centrifuge in use in addition to know the correct method of operation, but also should pay attention to the centrifuge rotor, this is why? The main reason is that the centrifuges have different centrifugal force sizes and different rotor materials. However, the rotor material installed on the centrifuge is fixed and it is […]

How to use the centrifuge correctly?

Have you read the instructions for using the centrifuge? Do you use the correct method? The use of centrifuges has largely liberated people’s labor productivity and accelerated production efficiency, so to speak, centrifuges have been able to take the lead in industry, but centrifuges should still be used in strict accordance with the use of […]

Centrifuges maintenance methods

Centrifuge is one of the equipment used in industry, can help people achieve higher efficiency, so only centrifuges can get better maintenance and maintenance, in order to play a higher efficiency, so the following is mainly for you to summarize some of the correct maintenance methods on the centrifuge, for reference only, details consulting. Before […]